Welcome to Lab Reject Studios: Where Ideas are Cultured!

Lab Reject Studios was founded by Dawn & Clint Wolf in 2011, in what can only be described as a fit of expedience. Having entered the wild world of independent comics in 2009 with their projects Bits of Nothing and Zombie Ranch, as well as still promoting Dawn’s personal artwork, it soon became clear that it was going to be a lot easier to fit into your average Comic-Con programming list if everything could be exhibited under a single label, now and in the future. It makes for nicer business cards.

Also, Dawn gets to draw a googly eyed blob mascot. And Mad Scientists. She’s not really seeing a downside here.

So whether you’re a longtime fan of our works, a wide-eyed newcomer, or just some random guy or gal who stumbled here via Google, we welcome you to our (not-so-)secret lair. Stick around. Browse the comics. Touch the glowing, frothy beakers. We assume no responsibility for any mutations that result. Unless they’re particularly awesome.