Hello most patient test subjects! I trust your tubes and petri dishes have been adequately comfortable since last we checked on you.

We have been a quiet lab, it’s true, but we wanted to be sure those of you who are attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con know that we are once again set for the Small Press Pavilion at table P-14! We should be in the online guide and quick guide, but in our benevolence we have put together a handy map, since one could theoretically land a small plane in the vast space that is the San Diego Convention Center exhibit hall.

Theoretically! Please don’t try it. Or if you must, please aim away from Small Press.

We will have prints, comics, pins, jewelry, t-shirts, and Dawn will be taking commission requests on a first-come, first-served basis! Look for the Lab Reject banner on the front of the table and/or the stand up Art of Dawn and Zombie Ranch banners in the rear.


Your Lab Reject Staph

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