Hi folks! If you’re reading this on the website, read on! If you’re receiving this as an email it’s because at some point you opted in to our Newsletter for updates, in particular regarding our webcomic, Zombie Ranch. Even more in particular, you might be waiting for news about our Kickstarter to collect a trade paperback of the comic. Some of you have perhaps been waiting a long time, enough to barely remember any of that happening. Ahem.

Anyhow, this is not the announcement of that Kickstarter. It is, however, being sent to you on what we guess you could call “Kickstarter Eve”, because we are about 99% ready to go! We will for sure be sending a follow-up with the live link soon after launch, which barring unseen catastrophe we expect will happen tomorrow evening (Friday PDT). In the meantime we just really want to make sure our MailChimp connection is working!

For those of you who aren’t aware, our main DBA (that’s “Doing Business As…”) is known as Lab Reject Studios. These messages are being made available on our Lab Reject Studios website as “Newsletter” blog entries as we also send them out to you. Naturally that means it should be possible to bookmark the blog and forego the mailing list, if that’s your preference.

In any case, stay tuned!

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